Farm to Fable is our culture’s pervasive false narrative that other animals are here to serve us, that they are willing participants in whatever we want to do with them, that we are the “God” over their fate.


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Robert Grillo has written a challenging and provocative exposé of the unconscious beliefs we hold that allow us to feel superior to animals and entitled to abuse and consume them. This is one book that is sure to be controversial.” — John Robbins, author Diet For A New America, and President, Food Revolution Network

“Farm to Fable is a passionate and informed call for an awakening from the official narratives that delude and injure us, and provides inspiring and valuable insights into how we can positively transform our lives and our world. Robert Grillo pulls back the curtain of subterfuge in this lively and unsettling book.” — Will Tuttle, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book, The World Peace Diet

“Farm to Fable is an easy-to-read, accessible book that will compel readers to think deeply about the nonhuman animals they choose to eat. Grillo clearly highlights the fiction and lies behind many of those who claim that it’s possible to give food animals ‘a better life’ when we are concerned with their welfare. Read this book and share it widely. It could be a game-changer.” — Marc Bekoff, evolutionary biologist and author of Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence

“Through exhaustive research and keen observations, Robert Grillo shines a light on what is hidden in plain sight. He deftly exposes the ugliness of animal agriculture with sensitivity and compassion. An essential read for anyone who considers themselves a conscious consumer.” — Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, animal advocate, ethicist, and bestselling author of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge