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Farm to Fable for Activists Video Intro

Farm to Fable for Activists is my most recent presentation. What’s it all about? Here’s my 90 second snapshot.

Robert Grillo has written a challenging and provocative exposé of the unconscious beliefs we hold that allow us to feel superior to animals and entitled to abuse and consume them.  This is one book that is sure to be controversial.

Everyday Fictions

This Russian revolution propaganda poster from 1932 by Boris Knoblok features the message "Let us create a powerful socialist food industry" and celebrates industrialized animal agriculture as part of the socialist utopia in much the same way it was celebrated in the U.S. as part of the capitalist utopia or "American Dream."

Robert’s presentation is not only informative, it’s personal. He provides perspective, understanding and material that’s new even to those familiar with the subject. The pacing is geared to the audience and we had an open discussion afterwards, when we all shared experiences and learned from each other. That was equally as valuable. A great experience overall! — Wendy Tarmon